Thoughts when kneading dough

You raise your expectation after all these years hoping to find things exactly how you left them behind the last time round. Maybe for you, time has stopped still...not quite the same it has been for me though. I’m no rolling stone, yet with time I move on. What you see now is still the … Continue reading Thoughts when kneading dough

Self Talk

Wrestled with thoughts that had the capacity to interrupt my peace today. The result was a low feeling. After venting out aloud, giving a good cry in the bathroom, my mind nudged me to compose myself for a meeting that was about to start in an hour. I could not magically transform into 'everything-is- normal' … Continue reading Self Talk


Like a bird you wake upchirp about and welcome each daywith energy aboundthat stirs me up tooto fly in tangoand explore and appreciate each momentgood or bad; doesn't matterwhen we are in it togetherSo, thank you for your loving companythat makes me dance, sing and crack-upon the dullest day or brightest evening, noon and nightIt … Continue reading Vibe